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Dry skin, acne-prone skin, and beautiful healthy, glowing skin all require a unique set of products and daily routines. The Oral Care Kit curated by professionals at DentalDost is the new daily routine kit you need for your smile.


What is your Oral Type?

Everybody has a different oral type. And every different oral type needs a different oral care kit.

What is Cavity Prone mouth?

What does “cavity prone” mean? This means you are one of those who have decay in their teeth more than others. Usually, when you visit a dentist you always unfortunately they find out that they have a cavity—sometimes even multiple cavities.Know more

What is Dry mouth?

A dry mouth occurs when you don’t have enough saliva to keep your mouth wet. Saliva helps prevent tooth decay and gum diseases by neutralizing acids produced by bacteria, limiting bacterial growth, and washing away food particles.Know more

What is Bleeding mouth?

Your gums look more red than normal, swollen, and puffy. Gums present in the spaces between your teeth appear bulky. This is because your gums are inflamed due to slight irritation from the plaque and calculus buildup on the surfaces of your teeth. This makes the gums sensitive and bleeds even while performing activities like brushing, chewing or even with the slightest touch or pressure.Know more

What is Sensitive mouth?

Sensitive mouth is when more than 4-5 teeth suddenly feel sensitive on eating anything hot or cold or sweet. Sensitive mouth is when your teeth look flat and worn off with some surface irregularities and micro pores on your teeth.Know more

What is Malaligned mouth?

Few teeth in your mouth seem to be out of alignment you have a maligned mouth. Teeth may erupt crooked, seem to appear in front or behind due to lack of space within the jaw. At times teeth do not have sufficient space to erupt in a proper alignment.

What is Prosthetic mouth?

What does “cavity prone” mean? This means you are one of those who have decay in their teeth more than others. Usually, when you visit a dentist you always unfortunately find out that they have a cavity—sometimes even multiple cavities. Know more

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Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 20.00 × 20.00 × 5.00 cm


15 reviews for Oral Care Kit

  1. Riya Jain

    I received my oral care kit a month ago and have been using it since then. The products which are prescribed for my oral type suited me the best compared to all the other products which I have been using before
    Thank You DentalDost for finding my ultimate match of products.

  2. Swapnil

    This oral care kit is the best thing I ever bought. The products are very effective and help me keep my teeth healthy. Highly recommend this product.

  3. Pragati Sharma

    Good product ,worth spending money!

  4. Arjit Dev

    For my misaligned mouth, I was given this oral care kit. I was astonished to learn how these products differed from my current products. My experience with oral hygiene has transformed thanks to these DentalDost products.

    Image #1 from Arjit Dev
  5. Farhan

    Great product, Loved it!!

  6. Anish

    Great oral care products for my teeth!

  7. Aishwarya

    I’ve been using the oral care kit for a little over a week now and I’m already seeing great results! My gums feel healthier than they have in years. Thank you so much, Dentaldost!

  8. Jyothsna

    This customized oral care kit solved my problem of choosing the best product for my teeth.
    Now, I can just sit tight at my residency and get my oral kit delivered to me without any hassles of comparing too many oral products and choosing the best one for me
    Thanks, DentalDost for making my mornings easy

  9. Mansi Singh

    This oral care kit is essential. It motivates me to utilize all the products, which leads to proper oral hygiene.

  10. Saloni Mistry

    Thank you, Dental Dost for this customised oral care kit. The combination that was provided specially to me has helped me work on my daily habits like flossing and using mouthwash more frequently as well as brushing with satisfaction with the fantastic medicated toothpaste. My appearance has definitely gotten better and now i can smile with more confidence too! This product is a must have essential in my cabinet!!

  11. Tanvi

    The customized oral care kit is amazing. You get everything you need for your oral routine in one box which are the right products for my oral type which is cavity prone.

  12. Shalini gandham

    My experience after using the oral care kit after a week was nice. Though I have not started using oil pulling yet, I have got my hands on flossing within a week, and the products which DENTALDOST prescribed for me according to my oral type, which was “Sensitive mouth,” helped me a lot as I was facing hypersensation while having hot or cold substances.
    Today, I came to realise that I have been using products which were not meant for my teeth.
    My life is now easier than before thanks to Dentaldost, who helped me use the right products for my sensitivity and eat the foods I preferred.

  13. Parvati Patel

    I am grateful to Dental Dost for prescribing to me this oral kit since i was not aware about these new and modern design products like the tongue cleaner and the flavorful oil that is provided. Using the 5+ products through out the week is a total game changer because I am able to see immediate results in my self and my looks. Appreciate your entire team from consultation to following up with me so much. Thank you all once again for curating personalised products like these

  14. Shankar Sharma

    I’m big on taking care of my teeth and this oral care kit is perfect for my bleeding mouth type. Great for oral hygiene.

  15. Dilip Shah

    I used it once and saw instant results! Addicted

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